Oh Baby! || Week 22

August 25, 2015

Guess what we will be putting together tonight?! That's right, baby girl's crib! Can I just tell you how much I'm looking forward to it? Although the nursery is nowhere close to being finished, it's going to feel so nice to have this big piece of furniture in its place. I can't wait to put the little details together and make the room ready for our girl. Our deadline to have all things baby complete is by the end of October. That way we can accomplish Christmas shopping in early November and sail/relax through the holidays. Here's to getting this nursery done sooner rather than later!

How far along? In the 22nd week 

Baby's Size: A papaya || about 11.8-12 inches and anywhere from 16 oz to 20.8 oz

Gender: Sweet girl! 

Baby Fact: She sleeping in cycles of about 12-14 hours per day and she can perceive light and dark. As her nerve endings develop she will begin to reach for her face or anything she can get her tiny hands on to experiment with her new sense of touch. 

Weight Gain: Umm, 10 pounds. Granted, this was the measurement following lunch, which happens to be my biggest meal of the day. And although it might not be 100% on the mark for my actual weight gain, I'm okay with it. Baby girl is growing, and while I adjust to seeing a number on the scale that I've never seen, I know it's all good (and that there are still more pounds to gain). 

Baby's Movement: She took a break from being super active, at the end of vacation. And that gives this mama-heart some anxiety even though the lack of movement was indicative of anything. Thankfully, little miss jived through the entire church service on Sunday. I think she really loved the worship music (I can't blame her there; it was good!) and the message. I love feeling those baby movements and knowing my girl is well. 

AND, husband finally got to feel her move or so we think. I believe she was having hiccups and that's what did the trick. The next morning he wasn't 100% sure he had really felt her, but he thinks he did. Granted I did have to wake husband up from sleep to get him to try feeling her.We're both looking forward to seeing

Maternity Clothes: Last week I shared my new favorite maternity tunic, and you all loved it! I highly recommend purchasing it, even if you aren't expecting! Right now, I'm searching for dresses to wear to my/baby girl's baby showers that are coming up in the next couple of months. And I'm still on the lookout for tops. I tried making some non-maternity tanks work and well, they're just getting too short on this ever-expanding bump. 

Sleep: Sunday night was no good. This belly is now very much in the way of a decent and comfortable sleeping position. I have found that using a pillow under my legs when laying on either side is a must. And if I don't my hips are paying for it come morning. And you guessed it, bathroom breaks every. single. night. 

Symptoms: Indigestion/acid reflux is just evil. A very bloated belly is how I end all of my days now. Headaches aren't as bad as they were, but I still get them more frequently than I did before pregnancy/2nd trimester. And my feet are starting to swell just a bit by the day's end.

Cravings: Give me all the sweets. No kidding, it's been insane and it doesn't seem to be giving up. This girl has inherited her mama's sweet tooth and she's doubling its affect on me! #nowonderIvegainedtenpounds

Miss Anything? Sleeping on my belly. Husband makes me super jealous when he's sprawled out, asleep on his stomach. 

Best Moment This Week: We had a regular doctor appointment for our girl yesterday and everything looks great. Her heartbeat is right where it should be for a baseline, and when she moves around it picks up speed just like it should. 

Worst Moment This Week: The lack of comfy sleeping positions, which is keeping me from getting plenty of rest. 

Looking Forward To: Our simple weekend plans. We need a relaxing weekend, especially one that involves a harvest brunch after church :)  

How's Husband? My guy is doing swell. He's now added grad school work into his juggling act, and I know he's going to handle it like a pro. And I know that he is all geared up and ready to construct her crib and put it together. Husband really loves to build things, so this will be right up his ally! 

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