Back To School

August 24, 2015

This weekend not only looked like us getting life back together after returning from a week-long vacation, it also consisted of back-to-school prep for husband. Oh yes, this time of year might not include brand new coloring pencils and markers (I wish!), but it sure involves some tweaking of our schedules in preparation for grad school courses to be thrown into the mix. 

Husband starts his second year of graduate work today as he aims for a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. At this time last year, we were living on a prayer, that God's will for us coming back to the burg was specifically for graduate school at Virginia Tech for husband. If you remember, husband didn't immediately get into his desired track of engineering; as a matter of fact he didn't even get into grad school (that blows my mind, but it's rant for another day). Regardless, the Lord's plans were bigger than even a huge university initially saying no. So big in fact, that this past summer husband reapplied for Mechanical Engineering and was accepted. 

Even though school on top of his already existing full-time job can be a lot, it's been so very neat to see God's hand in all of it. More than anything as he heads into this next year, we feel certain that it's God's plan for him to finish his degree. Resting in that gives us so much peace in the turbulence and long nights that can be graduate school, especially as he gears up to begin his research this semester. 

Husband excelled in his first two semesters during the last academic year. I didn't blog about it, but he was programming micro-controllers, building (from scratch) a prototype for an automated lawn mower based on GPS capabilities, and the likes. My guy is quite intelligent and he also has an exceptional work ethic. His knack for all things mechanical is constantly blowing my mind. 

Like I said, he's balancing a full-time job, graduate work, home life, and preparing to be a dad like a champ. I'm proud of him every single day, but days like today I'm over-spilling, beaming with pride in husband. Not to mention, he's totally game to take ridiculous (yet fun) photos of his first day back to class. Just look at the difference from last year! And can you please imagine this photo next August with baby girl on his hip as he holds up this sign to mark the last semester before he graduates?!

I know he's going to rock the next three semesters ahead of him. Oh how sweet will his graduation in December 2016 be?! We're going to party like it's our job!