Oh Baby! || Week 17

July 21, 2015

Ya'll I'm getting antsy to meet this baby! And I've still got over half of this pregnancy left! A new thing this week is starting our baby registry, and that's been a lot of fun! We're also finding it a bit daunting, hoping not to leave something off of the list. What were your must have items??

How far along? in my 17th week

Baby's Size: An onion || about 5.1 inches and about 5.9 ounces (baby is starting to put on some weight!)

Gender: Next week at this time I'll know!! But, I won't be telling quite yet. Not until after our gender reveal party with family and friends. Husband and I have no preference on gender, truth be told. We just want a healthy babe! But just so you know, I think it's a boy. 

Baby Fact: Our little babe can hear us and all the other things going on around him/her. 

Weight Gain: I've dropped a pound. After today's appointment with the baby doctor, I'll have a better idea of how my scale reads compared to theirs. 

Baby's Movement: Still nothing for certain. Occasionally, I question what that random feeling in my belly is, but nothing has made feel like I've definitely felt this little one's movements yet.  

Maternity Clothes: Gap had a great sale going, so I snagged some pieces that were at a great price. I'm slowly transitioning into more maternity wear as the belly gets bigger. 

Sleep: It's not too bad this week. Potty breaks are still an every night ritual.

Symptoms: Headaches and heartburn are lingering, but that's what I've got Tylenol and TUMS for! Stretching in my belly is also causing me some discomfort on occasion. 

Cravings: Still crazy thirsty over here! Another addition to my cravings has been Lay's baked bbq chips. Carbonated beverages is still high on the list, along with icy treats.

Miss Anything? Laying on my belly is just about out of the question. And I really love laying on my belly at night.  

Best Moment This Week: It will be getting to hear baby's heartbeat at our doctor appointment this morning. 

Worst Moment This Week: Nothing really to report here. Life has been good and the second trimester is treating me swell!   

Looking Forward To: Knowing if our sweet babe is a girl or a boy! I can't believe we've made it to this point, and in less than a week the rest of our lives will change!! Will the Hills be having a daughter or a son?!

How's Husband? Now that baby can hear, he has been talking a lot more to him/her. And he is just as excited to find out the gender too. Husband thinks boy as well. So needless to say if this sweet babe is a girl, we'll both be surprised and pleasantly so!

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