Home Tour || The Master Bedroom & Bath

July 23, 2015

And so the home tour continues, this time in one of our favorite spots, the master suite! This space really reflects our style, and in putting it all together, we knew we wanted it to be our cozy oasis. This room has changed the most since we first moved in. We upgraded from a queen bed to king (best decision ever!), swapped out my college dresser for two new dressers (poor husband had to use the dresser in the guest room until then), and bits of accent décor have rotated in and out. 

We're super happy with how the space is currently and love sitting up here with our windows open. One recent swap we made, was to tuck our duvet away and use a quilt. We went this route for a couple of reasons....first so we didn't wear our duvet out because we love it and it's going on two years old....second because we wanted something lighter in the warmer months. 

We've been really pleased with the quilt and its lightness. Choosing navy fit into our already existing color palette, and would also be great for matching new colors we may introduce. Such as in the fall, when I plan to make some temporary pillow covers to cover our current pillows. Because we all know I'm obsessed with fall, and this year, I'm bringing the fall love to the master!

The master will stay as is with the exception of new pillow coverings and a shelf we are going to build and mount under the television (you know to hide the cords and and have a place for the DVD player). So welcome to our master suite, have a look around! 

My large frame is in need of a big print, but I can't commit to anything in particular. Maybe I'll make something and change it seasonally. I'm still not quite sure. In the smaller frame is a Bible verse that brought us a lot of comfort during our miscarriage. It's a sweet reminder of our first baby as well as the love and faithfulness of the Lord. 

This little nook in the corner of the room is one of my favorite spots. I'm on the hunt for a new ottoman to put here, and think I've found it. The only trouble is getting husband to agree to it :) 

With our new dressers, there is new space for decorative accents, and you better believe that I'm all about that. I'll be changing these out seasonally too, adding the flair of the holidays too. 

So if you've been a reader here long enough, then you know I've got a thing for accent pillows. Like I mentioned before I'll be recovering some of these for a fall look. I'm thinking this weekend will be good for some fabric scouting. 

Our master suite also boasts a bathroom and walk-in closet. While the bathroom is small, it's such a luxury having a bathroom in our room. We're content with it, and are thankful for our own bathroom space that doesn't get shared. We've been fortunate to find extra storage for the space that fits, and all in all husband and I have made the little space really work for us. 

That's our master suite in a nutshell! We've turned it into our little space with a comfy and cozy vibe. If there is anything you see and want to know where it's from just send me an email [hillcollectionblog@gmail.com] or leave a comment and I'll get back to you!

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