Oh Baby! || Week 11

June 9, 2015

I'm officially a quarter of the way through this pregnancy! Part of me wants to pull the reigns back and tell this to slow down, but the other part of me is so over the moon that we're moving along quickly (at least it feels like that right now). It could be that the week at the beach, which flew by, has me all confused with how fast normal time really works. Either way, it's exciting each new week to learn about all the things little babe is doing. For instance, his/her little fingers and toes are completely formed and no longer webbed, baby is moving around in there even though I can't feel it yet, and tooth buds, hair follicles, & nail beds are forming. Magical, isn't it?!

How far along? 11th week

Baby's Size: A lime || about 1.6 inches and 0.25 ounces 

Weight Gain: I haven't stepped on a scale, so I can't be sure!

Maternity Clothes: Sticking to flowing clothes has been my best friend. My normal pre-pregnancy pants are feeling tight, ya'll. So when I have to wear my jeans or dress pants, you better believe the belly band is on. Yup, because those pants aren't buttoning. And can I just say that sports bras are my new favorites? If I could, I would pick them over a normal bra. A growing belly and chest, oi!

Sleep: I napped twice on Sunday and still fell asleep that night. I just can't come by enough sleep. When I come to the end of the day, I'm so ready for the comfort of my bed and I'm daydreaming about zzz's. Sleeping is is always the answer right now. Even when it comes to kicking the nausea.  

Symptoms: It's now touch and go with the nausea. I'm thankful it's no longer a constant, though. I've figured out that if I snack constantly, the odds of getting nauseous are much less. However, it doesn't always work. There have also been some abdominal aches as my ligaments and muscles stretch to accommodate this growing babe, also known as "round ligament pain"

Cravings: The only thing I've truly craved is fresh fruit. As in strawberries, bananas, and nectarines. Other than that, I do find myself longing for the things I can't have...like a sub! 

Miss Anything? I can start to feel the discomfort in laying on my stomach. I wasn't expecting for that to happen so early on, but it looks like it is. I'm trying to figure out how to sleep on my stomach in the most comfortable way possible...and that looks like a half on my stomach/half on my side kind of position. 

Best Moment This Week: Seeing this bump really start to show. It's so crazy to look down and see a teeny, tiny bump! I love that I can finally see myself pregnant :)

Worst Moment This Week: Really, it's probably us leaving our windows open and an unexpected torrential downpour popping up. Hello, flooded house! Not really flooded, but our carpet was soaked. Cleaning up the mess before husband got home and rescued me from it was super exhausting. It's the menial things that tire me out these days. 

Looking Forward To: Our appointment this week! I can't wait to see this sweet babe's profile! Eee!

How's Husband? He's a champ, there's no doubt. Between the need for sleep (he's the best place to take a nap) and the nausea, husband has been the best caregiver. He's been so supportive in all of this. And I love sharing this journey with him. And I know that he's so excited that we were finally able to plan some meals in advance. Even if it was just three meals ;) 

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