June 10, 2015

Time flies when you're having fun. No saying has been truer, at least right now. Our beach trip to Hilton Head Island last week was nothing short of fabulous. We spent most of our days on the beach with the exception of a day in Savannah, Georgia, and to have no agenda felt incredible. 

You've been forewarned, there are lots of pictures! So if you love photos, just keep scrolling, and well if you don't I think you should scroll on anyway ;) 

These two made the beach such a different experience. The wonders of the world through a child's eyes are all the more exciting. Spending time with our nephews left husband and I daydreaming about our future vacations with our own children. It's going to be so different than our normal, but it's also going to be so good!

There were critters everywhere on the beach. We surely didn't lack for finding some beach creatures.

Most nights we split up the cooking detail among the couples, but on several occasions we enjoyed seafood and other good eats out. It doesn't feel like you're on a beach vacation unless you dress up and go out to eat one night, now does it?! 

I'm not sure I could ever live long-term at the beach, but I do love the water. I'm thinking a lake (in the mountains) would be perfection :)

These two, G and his Uncle Pete! After eating out, and while still dressed for the dinner, we decided photos on the beach were necessary. So that's just what we did.

And here we are, the six of us. I couldn't have imagined this vacation with any other people.

One of our days on the beach, there were dolphins. There were two people kayaking, which must have sparked the dolphins' attention. Because there they were all of a sudden following that kayak around. Husband and his brother were within 10 feet of them when they first appeared. This was as close as I got, and I had the zoom maxed out. Can you see the fin?

How about now? You can see some more of its body too. Seeing creatures that you don't see regularly has got to be one of the neatest experiences, even if it's not the first time it's ever happened. 

Sweet Z and I were best friends on the trip, and we walked everywhere together. And I didn't mind a bit! Just one of the perks of quality family time!

I'm biased, I know, but this man of mine sure is good looking :) He's probably blushing while reading this (hi, husband!). One night we walked to dinner and dined by the ocean. On the menu were virgin frozen drinks and I was in heaven. These days the texture of frozen drinks has me in heaven! I may or may not have had two pina coladas (pregnant gal friendly of course).

After dinner we strolled on the beach and took in all the sand castles still standing before high tide took them out. 

We were fortunate to stay in a beautiful town home, just a short walk from the beach. And the walks aren't bad considering the final destination and the character of the landscape around you. I swoon over Spanish moss every. single. time. Just don't ever touch it! There are jiggers in it, and you'll be sorry if they get on you!

Our last day on the beach was a successful one. We stayed later than we thought, got in some good play/reading, and soaked up our last bit of salty air. 

Leaving vacation is always hard. I'm thankful that husband and I have one more on the horizon before the summer ends. It made leaving HHI not so sad. 

p.s. Tomorrow, Rachel and I will be sharing our summer book picks! Link-up with us for the Every Girl series and share yours too! I know with another vacation ahead, that I'll need to arm myself with some good reads! See you all here tomorrow!!