Building A Gallery Wall

May 21, 2015

I think it's safe to say that most people love photos. Love looking at them, capturing them, and displaying them. I fall into this category, and am constantly looking for different ways to display my photos. 

A few years ago I fell in love with the gallery wall concept. A unique way to jumble a whole lot of photos, frames, and other accent pieces. So today I'm sharing how I put both of my gallery walls together, and I'm including downloads of the measurements for each set of frames!

When we first moved into our place there was a large blank wall that was begging for some pretty to cheer it up. That's when my first gallery wall started taking shape. It took me months to track down all the frames and accents for it, but I loved watching my wall grow as I added piece by piece. Have I mentioned that one of the fun parts of a gallery wall is that it never really stops growing. Well until you run out of wall space, that is. But, until then there's always a space and a place to keep building onto. This was the case for my gallery wall in the family room. 

I still see pockets for new frames to go, it's just a matter of convincing husband that those pockets really do exist ;) But I do love how it is currently curated, and I love that it can be finished for now or added to whenever.

**My biggest tip when putting a wall together is to go for a variety of frames while keeping one common theme. For my living room the theme was black and metallic. As far as filling the frames, I try to find a variety of photos, a mix of color and black & white, and some patterns. Four of my frames have something other than a photo in them. I like to use prints, greeting cards, and wrapping paper to give texture and variance to a wall that could otherwise feel heavy. 

So I decided to re-create my gallery wall in a simplistic way to give you an idea of how I did it and what types of frames/photo sizes and spacings I went with. 

Click HERE to download my measurement sheet and print it out for reference. Keep in mind that when it comes to actually spacing these pieces out, I didn't measure. I simply laid everything out on the floor then had husband hang it on the wall. I spaced as I went, never once pulling out a measuring tape. I went by my eye. I included the measurements in case you're the type who prefers measuring. It just happens to work better for me to wing it :) 

I loved my first gallery wall so much that I decided on a second one. This time I went print heavy for some color in the dining room. All of the prints are from Minted, with the exception of the two prints under the blue circular accent. Those were free online. The "Give me Jesus" sign came from Vine + Branches, and the circular accent came from Target. 

My theme here was rustic, wood, grays, and whites. Being open to a combination of frames gives you so much more to work with. 

To get an idea of what I did with this gallery wall, I made another recreation of it so you could see all the measurements. Click HERE to download it and print it for reference. You can also click on this photo and the other gallery wall recreation photo to see the measurements bigger/clearer. 

I must say that gallery walls are a TON of fun! I love looking at mine everyday, and they really do bring so much character to our rooms. My next wall, if I can find the space, will include all white frames. I love a good clean look too! 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email me or leave a comment below! Happy gallery wall building!! xo