May 20, 2015

Hi ya'll! Happy Wednesday!! Yesterday, my gal Nelle inspired me with her post and I immediately knew what I'd be sharing today on HC. So here's a little fun way for you to get to know me better... 

four nicknames  
Lesil, Bug, Leigh-Leigh, Beautiful (this is husband's doing)

four jobs i have had
lifeguard, office clerk, editor, and writer & designer

four movies i have watched more than once
Pitch Perfect, About Time, Father of the Bride (I & II), and Harry Potter

four things in my purse
chapstick, wallet, keys, and lotion (and that's just a quarter of it)

four five books i would recommend
The Time Traveler's Wife, Water for Elephants,
 Lineage of Grace, Redeeming Love, and The Antelope in the Living Room

four cars i have driven
a red, 1997 Jeep Cherokee, a Jeep Patriot, and a Nissan Altima (there's not a fourth!)

four places i have visited
Hawaii; Austin,Texas; Antigua; and Louisville, Kentucky

four places to visit
Greece, Maine, San Francisco, and Seattle (I could keep naming places)

four of my favorite foods
mashed potatoes (of the KFC kind), stuffed pasta, green chili enchiladas,
and Krispy Kreme apple pies (let's not talk about the calories in them)

four five favorite drinks
sweet tea, lemonade, pina coladas, coffee, and milkshakes

four tv shows i watch
The Real Housewives, Revenge, Grey's Anatomy, Dancing With The Stars

four places to shop
Target, World Market, LOFT, and Nordstrom


four things i am looking forward to in 2015
traveling/vacations, finding the perfect dining room table,
growing this blog of mine, & all things family

How about yourself?? Feel free to join me and share some fun and random things about yourself!