The Pick: Week 7 + Friday Favorites

February 20, 2015

Sweet Friday, how I am so excited to see you! This week has been snowy and cold. We're talking eight inches of snow and single digit temperatures (dipping into the negatives with the wind chill factored in). I've been hunkered down inside for the entire week. No joke. And I am ready to stretch my legs and get out. Oh wait, more snow is coming tomorrow (I kid you not). But at least it will be the weekend and I'll get to cozy up with husband.

But enough about Virginia weather! How has your week been? And what were some of your favorites?? Here are a few of mine...

[one] Sunday started out with some cleaning. Well actually it started out with church followed up with some grocery store shopping. But, once home the cleaning commenced. I love starting the week out with a clean house. Before we knew it House Group was headed our way.

[two] Baking is one of my favorites, and because we were hosting House Group at our place on Sunday, we made the snack, which was this Blueberry Crumble. So good! I'll be sharing this recipe next week, and it's so simple that you don't want to miss it! #sundaysweremadeforbaking

[three] On Monday the snow started, and little by little it accumulated to eight inches. Then it snowed more on Tuesday. And if you want to see the pretty snow falling here's a little video I caught. 

[four] Coffee and snow go together like peanut butter and jelly. Not mixed together of course ;) Well unless of course I'm feeling a frappuccino! 

[five] A new favorite addition to one of my walls is this magazine/utility rack that husband made. And if you want to make one for yourself (it would be great in a child's room) then you should check out the how-to!

[six] With these way below freezing nights, husband and I have been keeping cozy inside once work is over. The fireplace goes on, and so does HGTV. Who else love Property Brothers??

[seven] Fresh flowers all around my home. I shared the story behind this bouquet on Monday, and I keep wishing that all these pretty florals would live forever. I guess I'll just have to get more flowers :)

[eight] Brunch at the Social House on Valentine's day was so much fun, especially the atmosphere of this house-turned-restaurant.

[nine] If you haven't already guessed it...I. Love. Desserts. Sweets. It's my weakness and my love language. And like I mentioned before, baking is my thing, especially when it's something new like combining two favorites. Hello chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake! Yes, it's incredible and you need to go grab my recipe and make these bars this weekend!

I sure do hope you have a magnificent weekend. We'll be celebrating our sweet nephews' birthday, spending time with friends, and keeping warm!

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