Favorite Things From Target || Spring Edition

February 23, 2015

If it's a lazy weekend morning, a non-productive evening, or the last pit stop on our date night, you can often find husband and me at Target. We love that place....well, maybe I love that place and because husband loves me he obliges to such frequent visits. The two of us do have the best time there, just browsing around and dreaming up our perfect home's spaces. More often than not we won't make any purchase, but just love gathering ideas and making sure to budget for the items we I just can't live without

While there you can bet your pennies that we're browsing the end sections of the home decor section trying to catch a deal. And often we do! Like the lamp we got last week for a $13 and some cents versus the full price of $44. Yes, we're those people and we own it. 

Target is a great place to find knickknacks and some really great pieces. A lot of the items in our home come from the store, and it is one of our favorites. Because who does't love a place where you can find some super great clothing, home decor, and food all at once?! 

So today I'm linking up with Erika and Andrea to share some of my favorite things from Target. On my list are some of my must haves for spring and I'm dying to purchase. The bunnies are already sitting on my console table ready to be arranged for Easter decor!