The Pick: Week 2 + Friday Favorites

January 16, 2015

This week has been a good one! Husband and I have gotten into an exercising routine, we've made my birthday plans, and everything just feels right. It's been a while since I've had a week like that, and I'm relishing the high from it.

Yesterday evening marked the start of my weekend, and it is glorious. It's a federal holiday for state employees, and I took a vacation day to spend time with husband before his second semester of graduate school kicks into gear next Tuesday. We've got plans to relax, work on DIYs, and watch movies. Sometimes the simple days are the best!

Now on to some of the best parts of this week, as I pull out my Friday Favorites! 

[one] My biggest favorite is the blog's redesign that I've been working on all week. I am over the moon about it! There are some little aspects to complete, but I just can't be more excited about the way Hill Collection looks now. I'll be sharing more about some new features next week. For now, please browse around and let me know what you think!

button-up blouse no long available (similar) || necklace || jeans ||
boots no longer available (similar) || cardigan no longer available (similar) || purse

[two] Putting together an outfit is one of my favorites. Some days I feel like my very full closet has nothing in it (the struggle is real). So I've challenged myself to take more photos of my outfits during the week, which in turn makes me get creative with the clothes I have. It's crazy how many outfit combos you can get out of just a handful of clothing pieces (remind me I said that when all I want to do is head to LOFT).

[three] Babysitting these two. Husband and I got some sweet time on Saturday with our nephews while their mama and daddy went on an ice skating date. We marched around in circles, cooked lunch, played with tiny cars, and cuddled some after their naps. As if baby fever wasn't through the roof...I mean look at them!

[four] Finding a healthy eating plan that isn't so much a diet. I mentioned it on Tuesday's post and you should definitely check it out! I'm actually loving it, and my body feels so much better.

[five] Succulents galore! Husband built me another box, a bit different in shape, for the dining room table. Of course it called for succulents, and I'm smitten.

[six] I'm planning a small gallery wall for the dining room and I'm already excited about it. I shared some of my concepts on Wednesday

[seven] Obsessed with the speckled tumblers would be an understatement. Husband and I will be carrying them in our Etsy Shop shortly, and you can also check out the DIY for them that I posted on Monday. 

[eight] Rachel and I hosted our first Every Girl Link-Up yesterday, and it was all about getting organized! Be sure the check out the link-up dates for the rest of the year!

[nine] Husband gifted me the large blue vase for Christmas and it has been the perfect addition to our console table. Along with its mini, it really gives the room the pop of subtle color that it needs. 

Last but not least, go grab the URL for your favorite post this week and add it to The Pick Link-Up. All you have to do is comment on some posts and definitely comment on the blogger that linked-up just before you did! Simple. No button, no problem!

And there you have it! This weekend is going to be stellar and I hope yours is too! Happy Friday, friends!! xoxo