Hill Collection 2015

January 19, 2015

I hope you all had a super swell weekend! Mine was spent perfectly relaxed, catching up on to-do's with leisure, and kicking my feet up with husband over mocktail piña coladas. My biggest accomplishment was getting Hill Collection completely revamped! Woohoo, it was a huge 'check' off of my list!

Since it has a completely new look, I thought I would take today's post to introduce all of the new features! And also to take a step back in time with Hill Collection's prior looks, starting all the way from the very first layout. I think that's one of the best parts of transforming your blog and branding it, to see where you started and the progress you've made.

^^ While I adored the last look, and thought it was a big step in the right direction from the previous two makeovers, I knew that it still wasn't embodying my style. I needed to focus more on branding a complete look. So to work I went on making this blog of mine really feel like me. ^^

^^ I started with the new header, which combines my love for texture, color, and simplicity. Once I got the look I was going for all combined in the header, I pulled my accent pieces together (seen on my sidebar to the right). The gold foil runs throughout, as well as the text, black font color, and bright photos. ^^

^^ Outside of the header, these icons are my favorite new aspects. Using photos to brighten up the blog and bring in my color scheme was also the perfect way to organize and share specific blog posts. By clicking on these icons, you can quickly find posts related to their theme. And I'l keep them updated with each new related post. Happy browsing! ^^

**The Holiday Décor and Seasonal Décor icons are not pictured above, but can be found on the sidebar. 

** The Recipes From My Kitchen icon is still a work in progress. As some of you know I started Flour Darling to share recipes, but have come to feel that trying to share five recipes a week along with five posts on Hill Collection was just too much with my schedule. I still love sharing recipes (just not with so much frequency!), so I'll be posting recipes on Hill Collection once again. They, along with the Flour Darling recipes and previously posted recipes from HC, can all be found in the recipe icon. It will be working within the week as I pull recipes in.

^^ Want to connect with me? You can find me on various forms of social media with the click of a button. Or send me an email by clicking the envelope icon. I love hearing from and connecting with you! ^^

^^ The tab bar has slightly changed, and you can learn more about me, discover some of my favorite posts, watch the short family films we have made, or partner with me through a sponsorship. ^^

^^ And "The Latest", featured on the sidebar a few scrolls down, will be used to share new  items in our Etsy Shop. You can click right on it and it will take you to the exact product! ^^

I'm super excited to debut this labor of love! It's been a work in progress and it sure feels lovely to have it completed! Happy Monday, friends!