The Pick + Friday Favorites

January 9, 2015

A big, fat TGIF over here!! Who's with me?? After an extended holiday break, returning to normal life has been quite the adjustment. More sleep is needed, exercise is a must, and getting reacquainted with my routine is absolutely necessary. 

I'm just glad for the weekend to be here. To have some down time, figure out my bearings, and prep much better for the weeks ahead! For now I'm sharing my favorites from the week. And I'm also hosting the first week of The Pick Link-Up (keep scrolling down), where you can join us bloggers in sharing your favorite post from this past week! It's simple. Add your link, comment on some posts, and most importantly, please comment on the blogger who linked up just before you!

[one] I have been living in this ensemble for the past two weeks. i had it on during holiday break, and it's the first thing I do when I get home, change into it. Super comfy, super me, and it's probably time I put it through the laundry.

[two] Veggie soup is scrumptious, and I haven't made any in awhile. So this past weekend, that's exactly what showed up on our dinner menu.

[three] This purse is a definite new favorite. And what's better for purging the contents of your purse than swapping purses out. So that's exactly what I did. Simple and clean in 2015. 

[four] Starbucks will always be a love of mine. Husband has accepted it, and even worked it into our budget. Does that man love me or what?!

[five] I'm really looking forward to soaking in all that She Reads Truth offers. I love that they have bible verses worked into beautiful backgrounds for you to use as your phone's homescreen. It makes a great way to memorize a verse! This is what is currently on my phone screen. Check them out if you haven't!

[six] Maybe my new favorite outfit. I paired some Christmas gifts with some old favorites, and viola, I've got a comfortable outfit that I'm obsessed with.

vest || striped shirt || jeans || booties no longer available (similar)  || tortoise necklace || rose gold watch (similar)

[seven] Husband and I discovered homemade peach bellinis. But we don't always want to use alcohol, so we found that if you substitute the champagne with Sprite and the peach schnapps with grenadine, you get the perfect drink to sip on and pretend you're actually in the heat of the summer months while the temperatures stay in the single digits outside. 

[eight] Hello, The Bachelor is back! Husband is thrilled (can't you tell, but really he is). And those girls are some crazies! I'm interested to see how this season plays out. And I'm thinking I can convince husband to share his thoughts on the blog at some point. What do you think?? Should I do some heavy convincing?? 

[nine] This chalkboard sign sits by our stairs, and it's been serving as a great reminder. So even when I've struggled to get back into the swing of things this week, I have a sweet tabletop accent to tell me, that this is only week one of the new year. And there are 51 more left, that this is my year.

[ten] I have been obsessed with boxwood wreaths forever, but I couldn't figure out how to incorporate them into my home décor. But, after using DIY wreaths for fall and some pine wreaths for Christmas on the doors in our dining room, I knew exactly what type of wreath would be hanging there from January through August. Que the boxwoods! I'm super smitten, and they had the perfect pop of color to our dining room!

[eleven] Lunch dates with husband. Yesterday we met up for some food at one of our favorite places. We had a nice time talking, leaving work behind, and sharing some mid-day time during the work week that we typically don't get with each other. The philly cheesesteak and fries didn't hurt either!

[twelve] These winter months can be so dark and gloomy, especially with the sun completely disappearing by 5:45. It makes the days feel shorter and kind of bleh. So without over-doing it on spring touches, I've been adding pops of color to our home décor to liven up the inside. I think it's working. 

[thirteen] Rachel and I are hosting a year-long link-up and we're super excited to have you join!! Read more about the Every Girl Link-Up and make sure to write the dates down on your blogging calendar!

[fourteenThis truth is such a good read. Really, click that link and open it up. Read it without interruption, read it ready for conviction, and read it because your slice of pie is just as much a God given gift as hers.

Now go grab the URL for your favorite post from this week, and link up with me! 
Can't wait to read everyone's posts!