Snippets Of Life Lately

January 8, 2015

It's a casual 3° this morning in Virginia. As soon as you step outside you are chilled to the bone. This week has been a hard one for me. Blame it on the winter blues, beyond chilly weather, or all the sickness floating around. But a rocky week it's been for sure, which has kept me from my regular blogging. 

I'm glad to be back on here this morning, mending while doing so. Today I'm keeping it simple and sharing snippets of life lately with the Hills. Head over to my Instagram to see even more! I hope you're having a warm and cozy day, and if you can avoid going outside I recommend sticking to sweatpants, messy hair, and blankets indoors!

***And for a bit of twist, I'm going to start a link-up for all of you bloggers. This is in addition to the Every Girl Link-Up that I shared on Monday. This new link-up, which I think I'll call The Pick, will be theme-less, and I just want you to join me on Fridays in sharing your favorite post from the week. It's really that simple. No buttons, no hassle. And all I'm asking is that you comment on a few posts, with a definite post on the blogger who has linked up just before you. I think this will be a great way to share something special or important that we all post about, while meeting some other bloggers and connecting! Who's with me?? Will I see you here tomorrow linking up??

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