Thankful Thursday, Pt 3

November 20, 2014

Before I start this post, I want to congratulate Vanessa Roberts on winning the custom-knit scarf giveaway!! I sent you an email with all the details! 

I can't believe we are a week away from Thanksgiving!! I feel like it was just Halloween; anyone else?? Nonetheless, I'm super excited about this cozy, food-filled holiday. Speaking of food I need to get a jump on the menu for next week!

But for now I'm going to share my second to last Thursday Thankfuls. While compiling all the things that I am grateful for over the past couple of weeks, I have come to realize how even the littlest of things shouldn't be taken for granted. When you set time aside to think of everything you are grateful for, you begin to feel humbled to have it. There are so many in the world that don't have the basics, and for me to have more than I need is a huge blessing. It's been a good reminder to be grateful for all things in my life from my family down to my socks.

Thankful for...a warm home. I am so grateful to have a warm home that has everything I truly need. At times I find myself daydreaming and wishing for my perfect home, but I have a really lovely house now that husband and I call home. On these super cold days we have been having lately, I am so thankful for this shelter I have that keeps me safe and warm. 

Thankful dutch oven. I've had it for four days and I'm already in love. I was so excited to make homemade bread in it and I did so on Tuesday night. The fresh loaf of artisan bread is out of this world. I'll be baking plenty more breads in this dutch oven of mine, along with stews and soups.

Thankful for...hand lotion. My poor hands take a beating during colder months and I am always searching my purse for my hand lotion. A good hand cream is essential and my hands are grateful for it.

Thankful for...traditions. I think traditions are one of the best things in the world. And I am glad to have grown up in a home with traditions, which has inspired me to come up with new traditions as a married gal. There is something really special and sentimental about sharing traditions and passing them down.

Thankful for...socks, especially of the patterned kind. I must have poor circulation because my hands and feet are always cold. I'm not sure what I would do without some super comfy, wooly socks to wear. I think my feet would just remain icicles, especially in the colder months. And seeing as how husband doesn't like it when I put my cold feet on him, socks come in super handy.

Thankful decorations. Holidays aren't about the decorations that go up or the scents that float around, but in my home I love to make the place feel like holiday magic. I think it adds to the festivity and the mood, making everyone cheery and bright. I love to be able to decorate my home as I see fit and to share that with our guests, which makes me grateful for all those decorations out there.

Now it's your turn! Feel free to join me today with your thankfuls, I'd love to hear what makes you grateful in this life! You can see all of my Thankful Thursday posts HERE.


P.S. For all you bloggers out there, tomorrow is the last day to sign up for the Christmas Cheer Exchange!!!