Friday Favorites, Thanksgiving Is Almost Here!

November 21, 2014

It's the last Friday until Thanksgiving and I'm excited! I'm also sick and trying to kick whatever it is I have. I've got a weekend ahead of me to enjoy, cut down a Christmas tree, and kick off Thanksgiving week with our first feast at my parents'. So this whole sore throat, aches, and chills needs to disappear.

Nonetheless I've got some favorites from my week to share...

But first, if you are a blogger and love the holidays, sign up for the Christmas Cheer Exchange!! The sign-up closes today!!! Read more about it HERE!!!

[one] This song gives me crazy goosebumps. It's beautiful. And it's the true meaning of Christmas. Not to mention, a cappella Christmas music with a bit of beat-boxing is where it's at. You should look their holiday music up! Like Carol of the Bells and Little Drummer Boy

[two] I've fallen in love with a dutch oven. Husband got me one after I'd been swooning over it, and well the swooning still hasn't stopped. I baked my first artisan bread in it Tuesday and last night I made a cranberry clementine loaf. It's a carb-overload, but oh so good.

[three] Quiet time in the evening, which is very rare. Usually husband and I are bustling around from the time we get home from work until we go to sleep. But, for the first time in ages, husband and retired to our room by 8 p.m. and just cuddled and watched television. Being sick might stink, but taking an easy night for yourself doesn't. 

[four] Large cardigans to wear all the time. I have been obsessed with this Christmas-themed sweater and have pretty much been wearing it non-stop.

[five] These guys. Our family is everything and we love having time with them. Plus, our nephews are kind of the best.

[six] Christmas decorations and lights in our bedroom. And I caved and happily bought some Christmas-like sheets. I wish I could have found some plaid flannel, but nothing was in our price range, so I went for these pine tree sheets and we love them. They're extra cozy, probably because they're Christmas/winter.

[seven] Our family photos. I keep telling myself that I need to get them printed, but then I forget. This is a high priority item on my weekend to-do's.

[eight] I did it! I tucked away my nerves, shared my testimony, and was baptized on Sunday. It felt incredible. Husband and I relaxed by the fire for the rest of the day. Notice the cardigan I can't get enough of.

[nine] These little pilgrim ornaments are my favorite Thanksgiving decorations. And although I'm officially decorated for Christmas, minus the tree (we'll be cutting it down this weekend) and the outside lights, these guys are still hanging on the tree. I couldn't bear to part with them just yet. 

[ten] Pomegranates. I cannot get enough of them this week. And fortunately husband is great at peeling the arils out because otherwise that might deter me from eating them. Then we made Pomegranate Fizzies, perfect for Thanksgiving!

I hope you have a fantastic weekend!! What are some of your favorites from the week? Leave a comment below of link up with all of us and Momfessionals! And if you're looking for some Thanksgiving recipes, check out my foodie blog! xoxo

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