October 2014 Goals Recap

November 5, 2014

Remember these goals for October?? Well now I'm following up on them, sharing what I did and didn't get around to doing. And you know what I learned in all of this...my months are super busy and there's not as much time as I thought there was!

So, I'm happy to say that I accomplished most of my goals, but ya'll this is not a perfect slate! Life is life and when you work 40 hours a week, hold other obligations, and have extracurriculars so to speak, then you find yourself wondering where all the time goes. But I'm happy to have set some goals and tried my best to stick to it!

1. We did make it the pumpkin patch and we visited with family. I love myself a pumpkin patch and have decided that one day I'll have my own. That means there will be plenty of pumpkins for me to craft with!

2. Our Halloween party came together well and we had so much fun with our people.

3. We were Mary Poppins & Bert for Halloween and I LOVED it! Most of outfits were put together piece by piece. And yes, there was DIY involved. 

4. This sort of happened. My sister came over and we made bats while watching a Halloween movie. Then we had friends over for giant pizza and a movie. We ate the pizza and skipped the movie; instead we talked and the guys played games. 

5. Oh this happened all month long and it's still happening. You can see some of the pumpkin recipes I indulged in HERE.

6. This almost happened, but I still need curtains and I just can't find any that I absolutely love. So until that happens, my office just won't be done. 

7. I did not get around to even opening a book to read. So sad. I need to make more time for this during this month. 

8. Pete's mom gifted us two plaid blankets as anniversary gifts. So we not only got one blanket, but two! And we have loved them! One even made an appearance in our family photos! 

9. We did a lot of driving and I saw a lot of leaves. But, it wasn't intentional so I don't know if it counts....

10. This surely didn't happen. Maybe it never will?? 

11. We definitely got outdoors more and I'm thankful for that, especially this time of year!

Now on to a new month!! I'm excited to see what this month brings and maybe I'll get some of the goals I wasn't able to accomplish in October, completed in November! You just never know!!