Annual Hill Halloween Fest 2014

November 4, 2014

This year was the second annual Hill Halloween Fest and because I love a good tradition, I am always looking for a a new one to call our own. This is one of those. After last year's little party, I knew I wanted to keep the party running year after year. Because when you have great friends and family to celebrate with, why wouldn't you?! So here's a sneak into the festivities that went on at our house this past Halloween!

The entry is crucial, ya'll, and we wanted to make it special. With our living room on the second level, we knew we needed to spice up our foyer/stairway. So we hung lights and spider web to go along with our crazy bats. Once it got dark outside, which didn't take long, the party entrance was looking super spooky ;)

This contraption had to have been one of my favorite parts about Halloween this year. After running up and down stairs all night last year for our trick-or-treaters, I knew we had to come up with a better solution. And that's how I came up with the candy shoot. We used PVC pipe, spray painted it black to blend in with the night, and securely attached it to our front porch railing. Although putting candy in bags is tedious, it was totally worth it and made sending the candy down to the trick-or-treaters below so easy! The candy would go down the pipe and land in a spider web-filled basket. Some kids got creative and put their bags right under the pipe to catch the candy. Our candy shoot was doted on all night by both kids and adults. And it made me feel like a super genius! 

I'm a firm believer that when you throw a party, you also better have some darn good food. People love food. I love food. And it's always a center point for gathering and chatting. This year I went a bit simpler and made some cake pops, spinach artichoke dip, vanilla candy-coated apples, and a cream cheese ball covered in spicy pepper jelly. Husband made some super tasty pumpkin seeds and our witch's brew!

We also held a competition for the best costume and Scott and Sarah swept it with their nurse and doctor ensemble. The prize was my beloved Starbucks (perfect for a red cup of deliciousness the next morning) and some candy. 

This year's outfit was a long time coming. I've been dreaming up husband and I being Mary Poppins and Bert since last year. It was so much fun to have the trick-or-treaters recognize us. And even more so that we were sending them candy from the balcony. If only I had rigged up a way to fly around with an umbrella! Sidenote: My husband is one very handsome Bert!

My sister came as a pirate. Mary Poppins doesn't put up with such nonsense and the law was laid down or rather some sister shenanigans took place. 

^^ This is Shrek and Fiona....I mean Dave and Emily. ^^

^^ Isn't my cousin's face paint incredible?! She did it herself and she looked stellar! ^^ 

^^ We played Guesstures because it's too much fun to watch people play charades all dressed up! ^^

Then we had some special Avenger visitors! I think Stark Enterprises would totally help Bert out with a faster and more efficient way to clean chimneys, and maybe they could make Mary Poppin's umbrella a little more updated?? But really, have you seen a cuter Iron Man or War Machine?! Our nephews take the win!

Our winning couple's costume duo, Nurse Scott and Dr. Sarah. What, you thought it would be the other way around??

And don't you love this dynamic duo?? Captain America and Peggy Carter were also at the party!

This is the whole gang, we started out just getting to know each other during a Young Marrieds Sunday school class at church, and since then we've become really great friends. I can't wait to share more traditions with them and watch as we had littles to our brood! 

I hope you had a wonderful Halloween! Until next year!