Pumpkin Patch'ing' Pt 2

October 14, 2014

As promised, today I'm sharing the rest of our pumpkin patch'ing' photos plus a little film I put together of our time at Joe's Trees.  I think films are the best and whenever I think to capture footage, I'm turning an experience into a keepsake movie. You can see yesterday's post here and more of my films here

There is never such a thing as too many pumpkins. I'm slowly getting my husband on the bandwagon. Before our visit to the pumpkin patch we already had 4 large pumpkins and two small pumpkins, and seven tiny pumpkins, all orange of course. Nevertheless, in knowing my heart my husband asked if I'd like some white pumpkins, because truly they're my favorite. Maybe he knew we'd walk away with more pumpkins no matter what, or maybe he's just super sweet. I'm going with the latter. 

The jams, jellies, and preserves that line the shelves at Joe's Trees are phenomenal. I'm a huge fan of their Hot Pepper Jelly and yesterday I got to try a Sweet version of this jelly that has a super spicy kick at the end. We ended up going home with both. What can I say.

Not only do I love pumpkins, especially your a-typical ones (the blues, whites, and matte oranges), but I love gourds. I think they make a perfect Fall to Halloween back to Thanksgiving decoration. Who's with me??

It looks like I got my little pumpkin all the way down to the pond (the brown patch), and maybe I did. Husband's pumpkin definitely made it to the pond. Look at that action shot (below)!

Joe's Trees is so perfectly located. The trees are gorgeous and take my breath away. The ride up their farm is beautiful, but once you're there you are surrounded by the most stunning view. This Christmas Tree Farm/Pumpkin Patch of theirs will always have a little, special place in my heart.

And now for the film! I just love this little blip of our time together at the pumpkin patch; hope you enjoy!