Pumpkin Patch'ing' Pt 1

October 13, 2014

With the leaves in their full glorious color and October in full swing, the Hills headed to the pumpkin patch for a now, annual tradition. A week shy of last year's visit, our extended family caravanned to Joe's Trees to play amongst the pumpkins and throughout the corn maze. We had the best time, taking in one of my favorite fall activities. And let's be honest, I love any excuse to buy more pumpkins!

Looks like this rainy week ahead, will be full of carving pumpkins, baking seasoned pumpkin seeds, and watching Halloween-inspired movies and shows. This time of the year is simply perfection. Even the rain can't put a damper on it, in fact I think if makes it better, cooling off the already crisp autumn air, giving me a valid reason to get the fireplace cranked on. 

And warning, if you do not love photos, you might want to stop here, because there a quite a bit below. So many in fact, that I'm only sharing the first part of trip today, and another round of photos and a film will be up tomorrow!! When it's this beautiful outside, you can't not snap a photo. Sorry I'm absolutely not sorry. Happy Monday to you!

Don't you just love all the pumpkins?! Be sure to check back tomorrow for another round of pumpkin patch photos and a FILM!