Our Anniversary Trip Film

October 16, 2014

I love taking photos and having them to look back on. It's a tangible way to remember something. But, sometimes I feel that a photo doesn't completely do justice to a moment. It can only capture a single element, a still. And that's why I love film/video so much. Because you can record an entire moment, what happened and how you were. It's not just a snapshot of the event, but a recording of a real-time blip of life. 

While photos are phenomenal treasures, and I'll never stop taking them, they can't show you how you moved, they way you laughed, nor how you interacted with others in a complete way. And that's what makes film so special to me. If only I remembered to record more often! Luckily, I thought about  it before going on our anniversary trip.  And after putting all of my recordings together, I have captured our complete weekend in three minutes and forty seconds. Not bad.

Because I can never get enough of home movies from my childhood (thanks mama for recording it), I have made it my goal to record my life now, even before children enter the picture. I can imagine how neat it will be for my future, grown children to look back on videos of their parents pre-them. And I know I'm going to want to look back too. So here is a sneak peak into one of the best weekends, celebrating a special milestone.