Friday Favorites

October 17, 2014

Who's excited for Friday?? This was one of those weeks that felt like it was flying by until it wasn't. You know what I mean? Husband and I have a jam-packed weekend, which we enjoy. We like to have lots to do on some weekends, and this just so opens to be one of them.

First thing tomorrow morning we are getting our little family photos taken and I'm in the midst of an outfit-almost-crisis as I determine what we'll be wearing. I really procrastinated on this one. Oops. Then we've got the evening set aside to hang out with friends. Sunday is full of church related activities that will keep us moving all day long.

See I told you we have a busy weekend! Anywho, I'm ready to take a look back at the week and find the glad in it/favorites along with Momfessionals and a whole handful of other bloggers!

[one] In my part of the country the leaves are just about to hit their color peak and it's showing! Fall just isn't fall without beautifully colored trees. 

[two] We ventured out to the pumpkin patch with family last Saturday. The weather was perfectly cool and overcast, which made for the best picture taking. I also made a little film of the adventure and you can see it HERE (scroll to the end of the post or check out the Film tab at the top of the blog).

[three] White pumpkins are my favorites. Well, really any pumpkin that isn't you standard orange is my favorite. But, I love all pumpkins. Think I've said pumpkins enough yet??

[four] Random target trips for absolutely nothing.  These are my favorites, when husband and I just want to be out of the house, but have no agenda. Target isn't far from our house, so we usually go browse around there. More often than not we leave with something we didn't plan on buying. Target will do that to you. I'm just glad husband still loves to go in there as much as I do. 

[five] This is how our family room floor has looked during the evenings all week. DIY is a big thing right now in the Hill house as we get ready for our annual Halloween party. Plus I love crafting our own holiday décor!

[six] With the rainy days, our nights have turned Harry Potter-esque on our street. I'm just wondering when my owl will show up, along with Hagrid and Professor Mcgonagall. I wouldn't hate it if it happened. Who's with me?

[seven] This week I reviewed A Beautiful Mess Happy Handmade Home and really loved all the inspiration found within its pages. You can see that review HERE.

[eight] I love myself some hot pepper jelly and this year, we came home from the pumpkin patch with our regular and a new sweet heat version of the jelly.

[nine] Husband and I painted a ceramic pumpkin while in Asheville on our anniversary trip. It had to be kilned-dried, so we couldn't bring it home with us. Fortunately, this company shops to out-of-towners. And our sweet anniversary keepsake showed up on our doorstep this week. We're in love! (There's also a film of our anniversary trip and you can see us painting our pumpkin). 

[ten] DIY and I go together like peanut butter and jelly. These are our new Halloween decorations and I'm in love. I'll be sharing a tutorial for making them next week on the blog, along with all my Halloween decorations!

I hope you are having a marvelous Friday and will have an even better weekend!! You can see my other Friday Favorites HERE.

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