Mondays Should Be Optional

September 22, 2014

I think this is a fair way to sum up the start to each week. I always get to a Monday wondering where my weekend disappeared to. And then my mind roams to all the things I wish I would have accomplished before the weekend too quickly ended.

I guess if we didn't have Mondays, we'd have Tuesdays to start our weeks and we'd dislike those too. Maybe the compromise would be turning every weekend into a three-day thing and the start to the work week wouldn't feel so daunting. We'd love Mondays and feel ready to take on Tuesdays and a four-day work week. Yes, I like that idea very much! Astleigh for president ;)

Besides it being Monday, I'm actually excited for this week and everything it holds. Husband's birthday is on Thursday and we are celebrating all week long. I have surprises lined up throughout the next several days, birthday presents to wrap, and a Cider Mill birthday gathering to finish prepping for. 

I think this week will be pretty phenomenal and I'm looking forward to the promises it holds! Now just to get through this Monday (thank goodness for lunch with a girlfriend!) and then on to the rest of this great week! 

I hope your Monday has been looking up from the start! If not, treat yourself to some coffee or chocolate, that's bound to turn any Monday around :) Besides, the best thing about this Monday, is that it will bring fall in, at 10:29 PM on the dot! And for that, I'll love today!

And for a hot and hearty meal, check out Flour Darling today for the turkey burger crock-pot chili!