Happy Friday Favorites

September 19, 2014

When am I not glad to see a Friday?! But, really. I love Fridays at 4:00 PM, the time that officially marks the start to the weekend. There's this wonderful feeling waking up Friday mornings knowing that if you choose, you can sleep in, stay in pajamas way too long, or lounge the next day. On Fridays I live for that.

This past week flew by for me even when it felt slow. Oxymoron isn't it?? Maybe it was the fullness of what the Hills have going on that makes this week feel like a blur. Like always, I'm linking up with some fabulous bloggers to bring you my Friday Favorites!

[one] We went apple picking last weekend. It was the perfect fall adventure, and it has officially been inducted into Hill traditions. I really can't wait for this when we're toting little babes with us. If anything says fall, it's cider and apple picking. 

[two] Speaking of fall, its official start is just four days away! Fall-elujah!! I started the countdown to Autumn at a week out. 

[three] The nights have been so chilly in Virginia and I can't get enough. Our windows are open and I'm cuddled up in a blanket non-stop. So cranking the fireplace on after a summer and spring without it has definitely been a favorite of mine this week. It's just so darn cozy sitting there, watching a show next to husband who is working on homework, with our pumpkins glowing. I'm ecstatic for more fireplace use in the coming months!

[four] I got a really fun DIY book in the mail this week and I'm so looking forward to putting my feet up this weekend and going through it. I'll let you know what I think of it!

[five] I sat for a glorious couple of hours in a salon on Wednesday and had fresh color put in my hair for a fall ombré look. Then I had three inches cut off. Three inches doesn't sound like a whole lot when your hair was long to begin with, but I'm noticing the difference, especially when I run my fingers through it and I run out of hair before I thought I would. It feels nice to have a change-up, though; my hair certainly needed it! (My before & after, above).

[six] My Stabilo pens came in and I can't stop using them! They are exactly the pens I've been wanting, but had no idea of the brand name. Husband reassured me that if I use their ink all up, we can certainly buy more :)

[seven] I have been baking up an apple storm in my kitchen since our visit to the apple orchard. And I love it! The aromas wafting through the house are phenomenal!! You can see the apple crisp crumble recipe on my food blog, Flour Darling. There will be more coming soon! 

[eight] I found some of the best party supplies for husband's upcoming cider mill birthday festivities. I'm talking straws with leaves printed on them; yes, they're the cutest straws I have EVER seen. I get so giddy thinking about the party prep and décor! 

[nine] Coffee in the middle of the day, after building the base to our console table is perfection. Husband and I sat on the couch and enjoyed a cup on Sunday after woodworking for several hours. Sundays were meant for that kind of thing. 

[ten] A cold front is moving through this weekend! Enough said!! Temperatures in the low 70's are going to be bliss! The high today is 66° *swoon*.

This weekend is going to be superb, with some homemade apple butter making, crock pot meals churning out the best smells, more woodworking, party prep, and a whole lot husband time. I hope you have the best kind of weekend doing the best kinds of things! For more Friday Favorites, head here

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