Lake Recap: On The Water

September 3, 2014

Happy hump day! Even with a three-day weekend, I am certainly glad to see the middle of the week! I'd also love to see some water from the deck of a boat, but work is calling. Two weeks ago, on our Hill lake vacation, we had the opportunity to enjoy time out on the water instead of just at its shores. Between a canoe and a pontoon all the Hills were able to glide across the lake in one fashion or the other. 

I think being on the boat for hours on our last full day there was my favorite part of the trip. There's just something about cruising along the water in the morning when the fog is still hovering and the day is starting off dark instead of sunny. Call me weird, but I think it's cozy. And the afternoon turned into a sunny paradise. I soaked in the sun's rays, read my book, lounged, snacked, and enjoyed a couple of rides on the tube, which was just perfect enough to get sprayed with water, but to avoid being soaked That was until I fell off the boat and completely submerged myself, but that's a different story. Let's just say it was a little dip in the water I wasn't expecting, nor was anyone else.

Nonetheless, our time floating atop the lake was nothing short of perfect. Now to do it again. Boats just have a little piece of my heart; nothing compares to boating. 

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