Home Office || Before

September 4, 2014

Our home office is a blank slate. It is a decent size room that has been begging for some TLC since we moved in last October. Because it was the one room in the house that only husband and I use, we left if for last. It's where the excess moving boxes went, where the junk was piled high and left unorganized. Eventually, we put it together enough to be useable, filling it with what we had...all of which was leftover from our college days. And because adults require filing cabinets, we went to work on making one. 

What you don't see here is the futon that was once on the wall to the left (screams college life, doesn't it?!). That piece of furniture moved out to make room for cribs when we had house guests back in July. And because we knew we wanted to update the space, we never moved the futon back in. It gave us motivation to make the changes now instead of waiting months. 

Looking for new furniture was quite fun, although husband might not necessarily agree. I loved it! I am all about home décor and design, and this project was right up my ally. It helped knowing exactly what we were looking for and what we needed. Once we spotted the available pieces out there, we went to work ordering them. Waiting was the hardest part of this all. 

 ^^Our bookcase was in need of some extra height. Between the two of us, we have a small library of books, most of which aren't pictured here. The bookcase makeover was one of our top must-take-care-of-items. ^^

 ^^Our walls were another big feature to spruce up. Those diplomas look so lonely up there. We still have to order a frame for husband's diploma too.^^

^^And this is where I blog from. It is very much still a work in progress and might be for a while. With husband in grad school now, we need more workspace in our office. That way I can be blogging while he's taking care of homework. I still haven't found exactly what I want in our price range, so the searching continues. And that is our DIY filing cabinet to the left. It was a huge project to take on, but we love the way it turned out!^^

Stay tuned next week when I show you how our home office turned out! I'm super excited to share it with you! 

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One more thing....there were so many kind comments on the reclaimed wood pumpkins, that husband and I decided to offer them in our Etsy Shop this fall! Thank you for your sweet words!