Friday Favorites & A Happy Dance

September 12, 2014

This Friday feels good! I'm excited for everything the weekend brings, which kicks off tonight with a football themed 'tailgating' meal and Remember the Titans with our couple friends! That's a huge perk of being married, if you didn't know, having other married couple friends.

This weekend we will be celebrating the third year husband I have been together (officially on Monday). I'll never forget the day he asked me to be his girlfriend, standing in the kitchen of the house I lived in senior year of college. More sappiness about that Monday, though!

For now, I'll be sharing my favorites from the last seven days along with Momfessionals, The Diary of a Real Housewife, and a whole lot of other bloggers!! Join the link-up if you feel so inclined!

[one] My vine pumpkins now light up the night thanks to a strand of seasonal colored lights my mother-in-law sent me. I love a soft glow on fall evenings and nights. So cozy!

[two] Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) started this week, and oh how my heart rejoiced in being back in an organized Bible Study. I'm really excited to be studying the Life of Moses this year! I have so much to learn and I'm ready to soak it all in.

[three] I have fallen in love with the fall clothing and accessories out this season. I've gotten some great deals and not only is my closet happy to fill up, but my husband is happy about the price :) I got all of these shoes for under $70, say what?! You can see all my other finds on yesterday's post!

[four] I officially published my first post on my new food blog, Flour Darling! I'm super excited to get this blog going and to share all the recipes I've stored up over the years, as well as all the new ones that await me! To see my announcement, jump over here.

[five] Sweet friends are one of God's biggest blessings. Yesterday, husband and I got to spend time with one of our couple friends for pizza, salad, ice cream, and good conversation. It does the heart good. To my surprise, when they arrived, my friend gave me a basket full of fall just because it reminded her of me. SO thoughtful and touching. I love such sweet gestures. And I am so excited to put some pumpkin spice creamer in my coffee!!

[six] The Hokies beat Ohio State in an epic game. The sky was showing its support for the hometown team, maroon and orange.

[seven] Starbucks on a dark, rainy morning...any morning for that matter...paired with a statement necklace is perfection. Cheers, to lattes and jewelry and the joy they bring!

[eight] My chatbooks came in last Friday and I couldn't love them more! They are perfect little keepsakes!

[nine] Husband and I built an accent table to fit in the nook of our living room. It's turned into the perfect place for my chatbooks,candle, and a fall decoration.

[ten] Husband and I have another woodworking project going on. We're making a console table and we've gotten so much accomplished on it. I'm ready for it to be in my living room, decorated just so like I do.

And, check out this FREE fall printable I made earlier in the week. It's perfect for framing! Browse through my other Friday Favorites! Happy weekend, ya'll!!

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