Foggy Treetop Adventures

August 11, 2014

On Friday, my mom treated Pete and I to a treetop adventure at Mountain Lake. The three of us (yes, my mom joined the fun) swung through the treetops amidst the rain and the fog for a couple of hours. And we had the best kind of time, with rain droplets hanging from our helmets. 

Granted the fog did make for a creepy welcoming to the mountain. But it was also pretty stellar to go tree to tree in the dense curtain unsettled fog. Originally, I thought we would be solely zip lining, but it was a surprise treat to do a bit of a challenge course in addition to the zip lining. Mountain Lake got it right. 

Check my mom out. I wasn't surprised that she could do it. No, I was impressed that she moved so quickly! She was a beast on the course!

^^And there were signs of fall everywhere. These uncharacteristically cool temperatures this summer have tricked the leaves into turning their beautiful colors.^^

After we finished the course we headed back to my parents' house for dinner, warming up, and lounging. Because after an adventure like that, you need a little relaxation in overstuffed chairs. Husband was a bit sleepy...okay, so were we all a little tired afterward. Apparently that's what a lot of fun will do to you! I'm definitely ready to go back for round two!