DIY Spring Door Décor

March 10, 2014

Spring awaits us in 10 days and what anticipation I hold for the warm weather, beginnings of tan lines, cookouts on the deck, flowers blooming in ceramic pots, and gardens taking root. If you can't sense my excitement, I'm telling you that I am jumping for joy around here. This weekend was an early treat of the spring that we're heading toward. And if that's not enough, today is supposed to be a high of 65° and tomorrow is better with a high of 71°. If my legs weren't so white, I'd be pulling out my shorts. 
With the beautiful weather in store for the weekend, I used Friday evening to craft together a spring wreath for our front door. Husband lounged on the living room floor with me, cutting wire and threading it through the flower arrangements as I wove them into the vine wreath. 

DIY is one of my favorites, especially when it's an original idea. Albeit, a spring wreath is not original, but this one in particular is unique to my style and crafted with tenderness. If you're looking for an inexpensive way to dress your door up for the seasonal change, I recommend making your own décor. With a wreath, you set a vision and follow through at your local craft store. If you're like me, you have an idea, but without seeing the materials you can select from, you don't have specifics. It took standing in Michael's for about thirty minutes, with husband being super patient with my out-loud-thinking and change-of-mind for me to finally rest upon a decision of the flowery combinations to go with. And now I have a fun wreath that exudes the spring! 

In making your own wreath, my suggestion for materials goes as such:
  • A vine wreath because the twisted vines create an environment to secure other materials to it. If you're going with an inside wreath, you won't necessarily have to use floral wire to make everything stay in place. But for an outdoor wreath this is a must unless you want the wind to carry off your flower arrangement, one by one.
  • Floral wire! I used green wire instead of silver because it blends better.
  • Depending upon the fullness of the wreath you are going for, you will select at least two different floral pieces. I went with three because I wanted a vibrant wreath, and let's be honest, I couldn't stop at just two. You will only need one bundle of each.
  • Wire cutters for trimming down the flower bundles and cutting them apart.
  • Skinny-nose pliers for grabbing the wire and threading it through places that your fingers are just too big to fit. 
  • Patience. You will run into issues with placement and getting the wire to wind around the vines correctly, but breathe through it and you'll end up with a gorgeous, one-of-a-kind wreath!