Couples Retreat

March 4, 2014

A retreat it was indeed! Our time in the Great Smoky Mountains was just what the four of us needed for ourselves, our marriages, and our friendship. It was a weekend of relaxation, tasty food, downtown explorations, Bible trivia (yes, Amen!), mispronunciations of various things, and shopping outlets (the husbands' fave). Oh, and I can't forget the hot tub, which we frequented at least twice a day. In fact, it was probably our favorite part of the entire trip, with conversations had and nature to take in.

Sitting in our little chalet, miles up the mountainside, we were tucked away in the trees. It was kind of like our own adult treehouse, complete with a giant stone fireplace and a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows. The weekend was close to perfection and all I want now is to go back. Having time with some of my favorite people is priceless, especially in a world that never stops moving and demanding your time. We've already got our next rendezvous plans brewing and we're pretty certain this mountain trip is going to become an annual thing. Being all cheesy, I can totally see us years from now, one by one, as our children join us on theses trips. It excites me for the future and the friendship we will continue to grow. The Hills are so thankful for the Paulettes and the absolutely amazing time we shared! 

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