Louisville Slugger

February 24, 2014

Outside of eating super well in Louisville (see here), we also got a chance to explore the area and check out landmarks, like the Louisville Slugger Museum & Factory and Churchill Downs. Today I'm sharing our time at the first of those two, the home of the Louisville Slugger. 

Husband and I turned into tourists on a Wednesday morning and explored downtown Louisville, stopping first to check out some pretty extraordinary baseball bats. We got to hang out with baseball greats like Babe Ruth (his wax figurine), trace our fingers over the signatures of baseball's finest, and my favorite, tour the factory. It's not enough to say that we were thoroughly impressed with the method/steps that go into making the official bat of Major League Baseball. The entire process, which starts in the forests of Pennsylvania, is really cool (for a lack of a better word). The precision machines whittle away at a wood cylinder and transform it into a baseball bat that goes on to make home-runs in the MLB. And if you're looking for a bat that's truly handmade, then there's a guy there that does that too with incredible technique and an eye for detail. The craftsmanship is out of this world and so much of the process, although done by machine, is meticulously inspected and stamped/branded by people. Unfortunately, we weren't allowed to take photos of the factory and the bats being made, so I recommend if you're every in Louisville that you visit this place. 

I could ramble on and on about our visit because it was just that fascinating, but I think I'll let the pictures share some of our memories instead!

^^The world's largest baseball bat sits outside of the museum/factory and leans against its neighboring building. This bat was a monster!^^

^^Husband is such a fun sport and the camera loves him.^^

Our time in the museum was well spent and we soaked up a lot of knowledge about how a bat is made. I think husband is now pining over the lathes used and wishing he could get his hands on one. At least we walked away with little momentos, two tiny baseball bats that the museum gifted each of us at the close of our tour. You can see husband kissing it in an above photo. And now, I'm craving summertime and a baseball game! Take me out to the ballgame...