Eating Well In Louisville

February 20, 2014

Louisville has been a ton of fun. But, before I get into all our adventures, I have to start with the pronunciation of our current location, which I have been learning while here. It's not LOO-ee-vil, like all those outside of the state tend to pronounce it (me included). No, indeed it is pronounced LOO-ih-vuhl with some southern charm. And I think we've gotten the hang of it during our visit, and now sound like we've lived here always (okay, not quite, but we can pretend).

Now on to what this post is all about, our sustenance for the week. Husband and I have undoubtedly eaten well during our time in Kentucky. So much so that it's going to be the biggest thing I miss about being here (seriously, it's that good!). Lucky for us, we have an insider pointing us in all the right directions for the best spots to grab a bite. Our family friend, who lives in Louisville with his wife, gave us the heads up for some must-visit restaurants and we can't be more thankful for his insight. You know how it is, there are the touristy places that stand out, but it's always the small dives and less known places that are usually the greatest. Yay for knowing the best kept secrets!

We've done more than eat for the past three days, don't worry. But, that post is for later. And right now it's all about some food. Which, for us started at Mussel & Burger Bar (or here) for lunch. And my word, was it a tasty lunch of the most unique, and mouth-watering burgers. Secretly, I loved husband's BBB burger; it was like an entire breakfast in one bite of your burger and that's just incredible. And the sweet and spicy calamari was out of this world delicious! The atmosphere was a favorite of mine that included chalkboards, paper table "cloths", and mason jars for beverages (yes!). It was very much a fancy casual, very much my kind design. So between the food and the vibe I'm thinking we need to go back. Hmm we do have the rest of today and tomorrow left...

Quills Coffee was our next stop. This quaint little coffee shop kept us cozy and warm from the torrential rain on Monday. We spent a little over two hours in the nook of the coffee shop; Husband and our family friend chatted about work, while I blogged and got my own business taken care of. My favorite part of this particular place, you may ask? It was the foam art that the extremely talented barista so carefully created atop my hazelnut, caramel latte. I hated to drink it away, but I sure wasn't going to not enjoy a fresh cup of fancy joe. 

Tuesday was a combination of pizza and sushi. Husband and I split a white pizza for lunch; if you haven't ever tried one, I completely recommend it. And to drink...a peach frozen lemonade (phenomenal), because there's just something wonderful about a frozen beverage to pair with a steaming hot pizza slice.
By Tuesday night, we still hadn't faded on our excitement for new food selections and eating out. So sushi it was at Oishii Sushi. Oh my word, it was amazing and super fresh. Husband and I have had a hard time finding great sushi lately, but this dinner ended that streak. The best way I can describe it, was to say that it was like eating sushi silk. That's how smooth and fresh it was. I'm telling you, I could rave for days about this place and the quality of their food.

And just when we thought the food couldn't get better, Wednesday came around and Wild Eggs was on the agenda for a late breakfast.I think the pictures say it all. I'm trying to talk husband into going tomorrow morning. So unless Einstein Bros Bagels win out, maybe just maybe we'll make our second visit in the a.m. Anyone out there have thought's on Einstein's...we've never been and we're curious if it's something we should discover.

For dinner we wound up at the Old Spaghetti Factory, which was all about the ambiance. The building was adorned with stain glass and featured an old world charm. Eating dinner in a transformed trolley was the highlight of dinner for me. (no pictures of the beautiful architecture, unfortunately)

Simple is good too, and that's how we decided what to do for lunch today. At the North End Cafe, we felt relaxed surrouned by exposed brick and light-filled windows. Our meals were easy, a cobb salad for me and another hamburger for husband (he was just getting his fill). We've got dinner tonight and three meals left tomorrow until we head back to sweet Virginia. I wonder what else our taste buds will be enjoying for the rest of our trip?! If you have any suggestions, please share and leave a comment below!