It's Friday & I Feel Alright

January 17, 2014

Sometimes I get to the end of a work week and I feel out of breath and exhausted. But, this week has been different. Yes there was work and the remainder of the stomach bug clearing out of my system, but somehow as I sit here recalling everything this week was, I'm feeling refreshed and joyful. Why? Lots of reasons:

I've felt my body sigh in thankfulness after every boot camp workout. It's hard and taxing, but in the best possible way as I push myself and break a sweat. I feel myself growing strong, even if I can't see it quite yet. Then there's transforming my eating habits. And again my body is appreciative of the good fuel going into it. Granted, there are a whole lot of vegetables involved, but I feel better about myself, have more energy, and have hope for the changes I'll see. I've even completed my house chores ahead of time this week. And you know how amazing that feels! 

In all of that, I've been spending time with family, digging deep in the Word, having mini-during-the-day dates with my husband, and challenging my creativity. Stretching myself in these ways has done wonders for my week and my soul. Of course, it is the start to the weekend, and who doesn't that late afternoon Friday feeling, where work is behind you and two days of freedom await. 

Lastly, one of my favorites from this week was organizing a mini series based on themed eating (here & here) for the blog next week.  The week-long series will feature some pretty lovely ladies and their healthy dinner ideas. I'm really looking forward to their contributions and I can't wait to share them with you! So, make sure to check back in on Sunday.  

For now, I hope you have a lovely weekend!