An Almost Fire

January 16, 2014

Monday afternoon I was prepping to head to boot camp while husband I were simultaneously sharing our days. He kept asking me if I had lit a candle, only for me to repeat that no I hadn't. But, he couldn't get the smell of smoke out of his nose. We didn't think about, until we came downstairs to a living room full of smokey fog. 

HOLY COW, had I lit a candle and completely forgotten about it?! Where was the fire, why the smoke, and how had it happened?! I was trying to be rational, trying to find the source with husband, but we couldn't. And that started to terrify me. Was there a gas leak and now our house was filling up with the fumes, only to leave us knocked out and waiting for someone to find us. You could say I was starting to think the worst (and I was), especially when I started to make a mental list of everything I should grab from the house before we evacuated. 

I called my dad, while husband called his brother, to see if there was something we were missing/overlooking. But, no one could figure out why our home was full of smokey fog and smelling like a candle that had just been blown out. Then husband, being the smart man he is, opened the just-run dishwasher when the burnt smell intensified. In the very bottom of the dishwasher was a lid to our tiniest tupperware. Problem discovered...there was no fire, no gaseous fumes, just really melted and burnt plastic. 

I guess, I've learned a few things in all of this...First don't put small tupperware lids in the dishwasher even if they are dishwasher safe, and second, maybe I should listen to husband next time he tells me I ought not put the small tupperware lids in the dishwasher. At least I know for next time.