Seasonal Traditions

November 15, 2013

I'm sure you have seasonal traditions, whether it's for the change in the seasons or to prepare and celebrate the holidays. A kind-of-tratidion, you know the ones that happen some years, but not the others, in my parents' house growing up was to indulge in a little Hickory Farms. I couldn't appreciate it much as a child, well besides the tiny green, pink, and yellow melt away minis (here). However, the older I got, especially in high school, I fell in love with the yearly treat of their smoked cheddar blend cheese, signature beef summer sausage, golden crackers, and sweet hot mustard. But, then I went to college and the tradition kind of faded and waned. 

Until last year while shopping for Christmas gifts, when husband and I made the executive decision to start our own Hickory Farm tradition. Truly, if you see the Hickory Farm stand set up in the middle of the mall, there's no way of avoiding it. They even let you sample the selection and that's great in itself. So, with ants in our pants for the Christmas season to get here, and all the temptation of every single place being decked from floor to ceiling in Christmas décor, we opted to spread the tradition out. Why just include December, when November can be included too? Hickory Farms is already set up and waiting for us to visit and make a purchase. So you guessed it, we made the plunge today and came home with a bag of delectable goodies to share with our weekend visitors. I just hope I can hold off breaking into it until tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed for me. What are some of the seasonal traditions or kind-of-traditions you keep in your home??