Christmas Tree Tagging

November 18, 2013

A lot happened over the weekend. There was house cleaning, family visiting, furniture building, apple butter making, Mexican dining, Sweet Frog enjoying, church going, Christmas tree tagging, and superhero movie watching. And I wouldn't have had it any other way because I love being busy with the things I love. This whole new season of life has been precious. As Pete and I settle into marriage and learn the ropes we've felt a multitude of blessings. There have been dinner dates with other married friends and the blossoming of a sweet couple's friendship, a weekly card night tradition with family, DIY Thursdays, a home to decorate for the holidays, and so on. Life feels very rich and sweet these days and I'm basking in every moment. I can't say there haven't been bumps, because what would life be without a few bumps. But, it's made us stronger and grown us even more together. I'll stop there, because I'm not intending to be sappy, just merely summing up the first month and half of this beautiful marriage and the glory in it all.

So, like I said, this weekend was busy and I'm going to cover it all. Just not in a single post though, because you would be scrolling through photos for hours. Today, I'm going to start with yesterday and the joy in the start of the Christmas season...even if technically it's not here yet. Like I mentioned on Friday, there are traditions in every family. And another one that my family has continued throughout the years is Christmas tree tagging in November. It's as simple as it sounds. We travel to a tree farm, wander around until we find the most perfect tree, tag it with our name and colored ties, and travel home to come back weeks later and chop it down, carry it home, and decorate. I love this annual tradition and it only ups my giddiness about the holidays.

As a married gal this holiday season, I get to start new traditions with my husband. Our little family is now creating the traditions we want to carry on with our children. And like a lot of things go, traditions are passed down and tweaked if need be. For us, this isn't one we want to tweak, but go right along with. We're both holiday fanatics and wouldn't dream of not cutting our own tree down. Okay, well I wouldn't dream of such a thing, and husband completely gets that and is happy to join in. So, yesterday was the official tree-tagging day at Joe's Trees (we went there earlier, here) for the Hobbs and Hill families. The photos tell our entire adventure. And might I just add that the prettiest of things exist in nature; you'll see what I'm saying.