An October Look Back

November 1, 2013

October was amazing. I can't put it any other way. I married my best friend (here & here) and got to celebrate with the most wonderful family and friends. We honeymooned in paradise (here & here), followed by falling into Autumn with house decorations (here), a trip to the pumpkin patch (here), pumpkin fluff cookies (here), and carving our pumpkin into an owl (here). This month was full of a little bit of everything and I LOVED it! So to end this spectacular month we had family over for a little Halloween gathering, where we ate, played games, and took turns answering the doorbell as trick-or-treaters flocked our neighborhood. Can I just say, we had 152 children in every imaginable costume ring our bell and it was a blast! More fun than that was surprising our unsuspecting trick-or-treaters by being in costume ourselves. Because, you can't do Halloween without getting in the spirit.
We are so excited for our first November as a married couple and for the holidays that are rapidly approaching. I'll be swapping out my Halloween décor for Thanksgiving décor in the next couple of hours and will be trying my best not to listen to Christmas music yet (can't guarantee it). But, for now, here are some of our photos from last night and check my Instagram account for even more!

^^Having a get-together is my thing. I LOVE putting all the details in order, coming up with the food and recipes, arranging every little thing, and keeping a theme. I'm already planning a party for November, so friends get ready!^^

^^Dry Ice = Way. Too. Much. Fun.^^

^^Didn't know Rosie's little sister was a fairy did you??^^

^^Absolutely adored all the costumes of the night!^^

 ^^Gettin' all patriotic for Halloween. I've never seen Uncle Sam look so good!^^

 ^^Cousins! (Can you tell what my trademark pose for the night was?)^^

So even though the lights must now come down, it's only a month until the Christmas ones go up. Can't complain. Goodbye October, thanks for being so darn good to us!