Happy Halloween!!

October 31, 2013

It's looking a lot like Halloween around here! And you can't have Halloween without jack-o-lanterns. So our great pumpkin from our pumpkin patch excursion (see here) needed a little personality, and we decided on making it an owl. We set to work while watching Nightmare Before Christmas and enjoying the warmth from our fireplace. In the end, even though our intention was to make it look like the cutest owl you've ever seen, our giant pumpkin turned out looking not so much like an owl (until you really stare at it). But, we'll take it because it's ours and we lovingly carved it. 

And you can't just toss the pumpkin seeds aside, oh no! We baked some sugar-cinnamon and salty pumpkin seeds for our lazy Sunday afternoon enjoyment the next day. 

Happy Halloween and have a safe and festive day/night!!!