Hot Apple Cider & A Side Of Sherlock Holmes

September 10, 2013

On our trip to Maryland, through the country roads of Virginia, fiancé and I passed a roadside stand selling fresh apple cider, peaches, apples, and other homegrown goods. Like I said, we passed it, and upon quick thinking took the next turn to whip ourselves back around to make a pit stop. We parked the car in a spot of dry dirt with little to no grass, delighted that we had made such a fast decision to come back the way we had come. A man with graying hair greeted us and opened a cooler with fresh apple cider, which had been juiced just two days before (how much more fresh can you get?!). Already knowing that apple cider would be one of our purchases, the fact that it was so fresh just confirmed we weren't going wrong. Five peaches and pumpkin butter rounded out our selections and again we headed North. 

The peaches we have enjoyed for the past two days, the pumpkin butter we are waiting for a fall weekend to spread on toast, and the cider we decided to heat up cider up tonight. It tastes like fall in my mug and I love it. Paired with a Sherlock Holmes episode and a cuddly fiancé, this night can't really get any better. Cheers!