Dining Out With Grandmom

September 9, 2013

Grandmom's house has always been the cliché grandmother's home, where my cousins and I rummaged through her closets to wear her collection of high-heels and silk robes, baked in her kitchen, sewed with her in the den, played cards until our scores finally beat hers, and had sleepovers for multiple nights in a row just because we could. Nothing has really changed now that we're all adults; those childhood tendencies never really went anywhere and once we all went away to college, one of our favorite things to do with Grandmom was to meet up & dine out. 

She always lets us pick, even when we want her to make the decision, and she's never short of conversation, and some good laughs. So of course, when we can all find time in our varied schedules to head to Grandmom's for dinner and time together, we take advantage of it. Last Thursday was one of those days and we found ourselves out and about for some Grandmom time...some much needed Grandmom time over fried pickles & spaghetti :)