Happy Heart!

August 14, 2013

Lately, I keep thinking of all the things that make my heart feel like it's bursting with joy. I feel like I need to write it down so as to never forget what made me the happiest at different points in my life. I've decided I want to share them with you and for you to share what makes your heart happiest with me! Send me an email at {hillcollectionblog@gmail.com} with 8 (because that's my favorite number) of the current things in your life that make your heart smile with cheer and be a guest on the blog in other Happy Heart posts!

My happy heart is blissful these days..
  • listening to the Pandora station of alternative music I made while a freshman in college. I could listen to those artists over and over again (Ingrid Michaelson, Regina Spektor, Kate Nash)
  • when sneaky fall temperatures appear at the end of summer 
  • in one of fiancé's perfect embraces
  • with windows open on chilly days (like today, *sigh*)
  • eating lemon poppy seed confections
  • when the smell of fresh cut grass fills the air
  • after a long, hard workout (especially the day after when my muscles are letting me know they really got worked!)
  • sipping on hot lattes