OBX Fanatics

May 28, 2013

Pete and I LOVE spontaneity! In fact we agree it adds some spice to life and keeps the world on its toes. That's why, this Memorial Day weekend, we made the impromptu decision to find ourselves at the beach for a three day excursion. Having spent a week and a half in the Outer Banks last May (camping, no doubt), we knew we wanted to try a new area of the barrier islands this time around. Thus, Kitty Hawk it was! Only staying for a short stint, we opted for as much beach time as possible, which meant a leave time of 4 a.m. on Saturday. We're so crazy for the beach aren't we?! Of course, in our minds it was completely worth it, giving us all of Saturday to do the most important things...like lunching at a seafood cafe, searching for blue crabs to dine on because we can't go to OBX and not get crabs, taking in the beach scene, and watching a beach wedding, which made us completely giddy about our own wedding! Sunday, my adventurous man decided he would find us a secret slice of beach to enjoy all by ourselves where we had a picnic lunch and naps under the sun. A dinner date and Sweet Frog trip that evening rounded out our trip. Even with surprising chilly temperatures and the oddity of wearing sweatpants to the beach, we had a fabulous time being just where we needed to be. Funny what a little hydrotherapy and salty air will do for your soul!