Now & Then

May 9, 2013

As we were sitting out on our little porch this evening, eating dinner and taking in the last bit of sun, Pete asked me where I thought we would be in the next five years. Of course every image I've ever envisioned of my future includes a happy house with children, two spouses in love, my husband with a job that makes him proud, my own job that brings a certain success, and so on. So of course that's exactly what I started telling him. But, the more we talked the more we discovered how uncertain life really is, that what we dream of is not guaranteed. And even though that sounds kind of gloomy, we both felt strongly that we would try our hardest to live the life we wanted, God willing. And in knowing that we both want the same things out of life (children, faith, family, friends, etc.) we know that wherever we are and whatever our future actually looks like, we will be content. Content because we have each other and that makes us joyful in itself. So yes, we truly enjoyed talking about where we would be (the kids, the location, the jobs), but we also love where we are. And where we are looks like a trip back to Virginia to celebrate a graduation with family we have missed so very much. In thinking about this weekend, I fell life smiling on us.

Photo by Merry Studios