Graduation Season Commences!

May 14, 2013

It's May and for many college students, that means one of two things:

1. Summer is finally near and another year of school has been completed. 
2. The closing of your college career and the inevitable graduation ceremonies are quickly approaching. 

I vividly remember each of these scenarios and what a difference in feelings they both evoke. Looking back, I think about how fast time flew during my time in school. Although it's bittersweet to be an alumna, I'm at a wonderful place in life, which makes life after college not so bad after all. I'm sure I'm not the only one reflecting on my college years, especially now as more schools and students prepare for yet another set of graduation ceremonies. With 2012 serving as our (Pete & myself) graduation year, 2013 is yet another special commencement year for two very important people in our lives. And fortunately for us, these graduations are set on different dates, which means our presence at both! The first celebration came this past weekend with a trip to Pete's hometown to celebrate his mother. And not just for Mother's Day, but for her pinning and graduation from nursing school! After a few years of long nights, early mornings, infinite cups of coffee, and numerous clinicals Lynne has finally become a RN. And we couldn't be more proud of her! Congratulations, you certainly earned it!!