Little Letters

April 2, 2013

Dear Spring (weather),
Please hurry and show your face. I'm trying to be patient, but I'm running out of it. 

Dear Health Smoothie,
Could you drink yourself, you're not very tasty.

Dear Fingernails,
I'm trying very hard to stop my bad biting habit, bear with me. 

Dear Craft Box,
I promise I will delve into you more, I have lots of ideas waiting to be used. 

Dear Washington, D.C.,
I promise to give you another shot when I'm more apt to deal with your traffic.

Dear Newly Planted Flowers,
I can't wait for you to bloom and show off your beautiful colors!!

Dear Pile of Fabric,
I will turn you into pillow covers eventually. 

Dear Alarm Clock,
I will be better at obeying your early morning siren instead of putting you on snooze for the next thirty minutes.

Dear Ribbon Stash,
I will find something to decorate with you soon.