Dinner Party Invitation

April 18, 2013

Pete and I have been taking it upon ourselves to build some furniture for our apartment (check out our end table here). Not only do we enjoy implementing our own design, but it's also a lot more cost friendly for us to build rather than buy. As of late we finished a dining room table, and currently, we're in the process of designing bench seating for one side of the table and refinishing three chairs we found at a flea market for the other side. Today I arranged some tabletop decor to give our dining area a little pop of color and a vintage feel. It's exactly the touches the table needed and I'm obsessed with the look. So much so, that it has put me in the mood for a dinner party. We just have to get our seating finished and then this lady will be whipping up a menu and inviting people over!

^^Our fabric for the benches and chairs^^
^^We left our print on the underside of our work^^