Wedding Wednesday: The Registry

March 27, 2013

Completing a wedding registry has got to be one of the biggest perks of planning this big day. Approaching the "Complete Registry" item on our to-do list turned into more of a countdown for me. The hardest part of the whole process was narrowing down where we would register, and I'm not sure we narrowed down that well. What can I say, each place offered something a little different and something we just had to have. I have to admit, though, it is a little intimidating as you consider what you need, what you'd like, and how to incorporate your style into what you're asking for. No worries, it's a whole lot more exciting than it is nerve-racking. And after planning and organizing every little detail of the wedding, it's a nice break to roam the internet/store with your fiance looking for the perfect items to fill your future home.

Our registry experience started one Sunday with us settled in on the couch (with tea & blankets, of course). Because we aren't close to any of the stores we were interested in, this was the alternative, and not a bad one at it. You don't feel rushed to make a decision and you're in the comfort of your home (and in pajamas!). Plus, we were able to discuss everything and daydream away. For us, adding each item to the registry list was like watching the components of our future house come together. We started to envision the way our kitchen would look, from the color scheme to the way in which we would decorate the countertops (I suppose it's organize, but I'm totally decorating). Then our future bedroom/bathroom began to take shape and gain its own theme and ambiance. The whole house was taking on a style of its own with each piece we chose.

Several hours later that Sunday (yes, it takes awhile so give yourself ample time) we had come close to completing our first registries. I say, "close to completing" because you never know what you've forgotten to think of and add to the list. That's why having every registry online is such a bonus, because you can access them at the click of a button and adjust the lists. Basically, creating a registry online is super simple!

Then, came last Saturday, which was our time to tackle our in-store registry. Although, online and in-store offer such different experiences, both are just as fun in their own way. The biggest difference though, is the scan gun. It will also be your fiance's favorite part, and that I can guarantee. Just make sure to stay away from the electronics section; you never know what will be tempting for him to scan when you're not looking! Overall, it took us a little over an hour to wrap up that particular registry, and again it will be showcased online. So if we forgot something there, then we have the option to add on at any later date.

See, registries are so much fun! I'm kind of wishing there were registries for everything like: moving into college, new apartment/house, just because, and so on. Okay, I'm a little ridiculous, but wait until you put your own registry together! You're going to wish there was a registry for every life event too!