Scents & Sweets

March 28, 2013

Herbal Essences just recently reintroduced two of their original botanical shampoos/conditioners. These early scents, packaged in trademark pastel bottels, were discontinued in 2006 when the line was revamped and took on a new, fresher look. So you can imagine my 16-year-old self was disappointed to learn that my very favorite shampoo and conditioner were no longer made. No worries, I eventually moved on. But, two weeks ago as I was sitting on the couch going over some work, I was distracted by the familiar "Yes! Yes! Yes!" of a Herbal Essence commercial (you know, those organic experiences and hair whipping charades). Can you guess my excitement when I realized exactly what they were advertising?? My teenage self was over the moon in my twenty-something body and I knew instantly that I had to get my hands on these products. You see, I was worried I had a deadline to grab them before they were once again taken off store shelves. Silly me, I know, but I couldn't pass the chance up. So on my next grocery store visit, I marched promptly over to the hair care section and scanned the rows of colorful bottles. I spotted the brand, and.....nope nothing, not there. Yep, my heart sank a little. But, lucky for me there was another store that was bound to have just what I was looking for. Unlucky me couldn't find it at that store either. So I settled for trying a store in my hometown while there for this upcoming Easter weekend. I knew I would be able to get the shampoo and conditioner eventually.

Similarly my favorite candy, Berry Spree, doesn't exist up here anywhere either. I usually only indulge with a bag of these chewy, sweet treats when traveling. So not having them wasn't too big of a deal. But, on occasion when Pete and I would travel I was a little disappointed to settle for another type of candy. Besides, gotta watch on for my figure, right? (Nah, I would totally rather splurge and have candy!)

Well today, all these little problems were riddled with a delivery of two boxes. Turns out, Pete had seen my disappointment over not finding the shampoo and conditioner. And because he knows me so well, he not only got me one bottle of each, but four bottles of each. Somehow he knew I was thinking that I would need to stock up and he took the liberty to do it for me. Now, I'm not just stocked up with shampoo and conditioner, but also with enough Spree to last me for quite awhile! An entire carton of those delectable, chewy morsels were packed away in the second box. I never thought receiving shampoo, conditioner, and candy would make me so darn happy, but I'm here to tell you it sure did!

P.S. Pete, you're the bees knees :)