We Hit the Jackpot!

March 25, 2013

Saturday, mid-morning Pete and I found a hidden gem in our little Maryland town. Since we moved here in early January, we have wondered what the tiny little cafe, nestled in the back corner across from our apartment, hosts. So Friday evening, after a long week, Pete suggested we figure out just what Cafe Mark was all about and treat ourselves to brunch the next morning. The setup of this little spot is unique in that there is a front and back entrance. The front entrance faces the downtown mall and the back entrance faces the back of our apartment. Of course, we went in through our side and found a kitchen filled with every imaginable baker's treat. The bakers were diligently icing and filling pastries and cakes. (I have to be honest, I was tempted to ask if they would hire me).  Through the kitchen we wove until we popped out in the cafe. It's not just one floor, but two, with cast iron railing leading up to the second level. The ambiance of the entire place is so cozy and eclectic. From the brick walls to the hanging glass lights, it didn't take long for me to really love this place. And I didn't think such a thing was possible in our current location. It's so nice to finally feel that way about something here and I adore this place so much so that I want to be one of their regulars, where they know my name and my order.

And I can't forget the food. Oh.my.gosh. it was incredible! The chef cooked right there at the bar, with the fresh ingredients pilled around him as he whipped up breakfast delicacies with a gentle ease. After spotting the day's special (granola lathered french toast, topped with fresh blueberries, drizzled with a cream cheese sauce) I knew I had to have it. The problem with that is my affinity for having both sweet and salty present at every meal. Thus, I was overwhelmed with sweet, but no salty. I couldn't decide on just one thing, but knew I could never eat more than one plate even if my eyes were telling me the opposite. I was left struggling to make a final decision. That's where my fiance comes in. If you know Pete, you know how awesome he is. And one of the things I love most about him is how well he knows me. He knew exactly why I couldn't pick a meal and riddled my dilemma by sharing two options. So we had the daily special and a veggie omelet. We happily shared and took turns taking bites off of each other's plates. My sweet and salty need was most certainly filled and neither of us could pick a favorite.

By the end of brunch we were both hooked on our new find. How had we possibly not made it here sooner?! We left with cups of house blend coffee topped off with vanilla spice, (I have to find that stuff) and promised to come back very soon! Pete might just have a hard time keeping me away...

As soon as I saw the brick-exposed walls, I knew this place was for me...
...and then I ate the food and fell in love!