Ready, Set, Relax!

March 22, 2013

Today called for a little bit of time spent pampering myself. So after getting some work done this morning, I put a pause on the rest of the to-do list. I gave myself a simple facial and 20 minutes later, voila, I felt like a new woman (well like a woman with a new and refreshed face)! Next I gave my nails some attention with a fresh coat of bright paint (hoping it will inspire Spring to show up!). It was completely worth it, to take a timeout during the day and let myself relax. Now go treat yourself, you totally deserve it every once and awhile!! And of course, Happy Friday :) 

^^Right after I applied the mask...^^
^^...20 minutes later and I could no longer smile due to the tightness of the dried mask^^
^^A little nail polish and fresh face later, I am ready to enjoy this weekend^^